Chocolate Connection

I’m cooking dinner and the doorbell rings. Two neighbourhood girls are selling chocolates for their school fundraiser. I look at the chocolate selection and ponder. Do I get the chocolate rice krispie bar (my favourite), or the chocolate caramel bar (something my husband and I will both enjoy) or the chocolate almonds (my husband’s favourite and the one I’m allergic to). I decide on the chocolate almonds as it would be a nice treat for my hubby after a long day at work.

He comes home not five minute later and I tell him how he just missed the girls selling chocolate however I bought him some chocolate almonds. He laughs and says the girls actually ran into him and he bought chocolates from them to not knowing that I had bought chocolates from them. He shows me his selection…

He bought the chocolate rice krispie bar just for me. πŸ’œ


Pink Walls and Art

There’s nothing better than going back home to my parents’ house and seeing how my lovely pink room has changed… My nieces have basically over taken my old room and adorned the walls with their creative artwork. Love it!